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Graphics, Research, and Essays
Sampledelic Meltomedia
This is a selection from the Central Art Index page. Many of these web-environments are from pre-2000.

Dancing Worlds
Long Lost Visions
Strobe Lights
Sun Seed
Diamond Wall
Swimming Space Spuds
Nazca Greetings
Wall of TVs
D'An Offers Greetings
Warp Field
Diamond Thunderbolt
Tibetan Prayer Wheels

Folding Space
Cosmic Clematis
Crop Circles
Stones of Fire
Eye Pillows
Alice & The Mushroom
The Wasp

3D Worlds
Heightened Reality Vignettes
Le Bon Bon
Magnum Pachinko [A Circus Funhouse]
The Walls are Crawling Again
Gertrude Stein (DHTML)
Dada is Nada, but Deco Echoes On
Spanish Castle Magic
Marble Canyon
The Dilythium Chamber
Relax in the Chill Room
Temple of Luna
Butte of the Cross

 Central Art Index

Art From Earth
Special Collections
Classical Erotic Art
Graffiti Gems
The Cheshire Cat
Sci-FI Screamers
Knife & Jaguar
The Real Joe Camel
The Garden of Earthly Delight
Buffalo Rosetta Stone
Chichen Itza & Anahuacalli
Beyond Magic Eye
Dinner's on Fire!
The Test Pattern
Bridge To The Stars
Tammy Faye BlotTeR
Nuclear Power Plant Tour
It's Wafer Thin!
HTML Color Chart
Flythrough of my 3D Virtual Bachelor Pad
Politics / Sacred Cows
Rants, Timeless and Topical
Revealing Politics & History
Orrin Hatch on Pot
Russian Sexism
Dominator Culture
Founding Fathers
Jehan Calvin / Ur-Nazi
Democracy Disgraced
Joseph McCarthy
The Republican War on Culture
The Answer to P.C. Mush
"Deconstructionism" & Hot Air
George Santayana on Religion
The Scopes Monkey Trial - July, 1925
Join the Establishment!
Big Business
Social Engineering For a New Tomorrow
Corporate Non-Ethics
The Opium War
The Nuclear Family Meltdown
4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television
Cigarette Corporation Subsidiaries
Chemicals in Cigarettes
Chemicals in Secondhand Smoke
The End of the 'Drug War'
Apocalypse Now?
Web Tips for New (or AOL) Users
Nature At Large
Taliban articles from 1997 Photoshopped Politics, 2006
Archived Politics Page '06
Thorny Issues
Bible Contradictions
Christian Atrocities / Roman Empire
Vatican Corruption
Fundamentalism's Flat Earth
Medieval Torture
Gulags, Lobotomies
The Borgia Pope & The Black Plague
DeBunking Fundamentalism
Bible Interpretation/History
Saul of Tarsus, the Cult of Mithras, and Christ's Blood
Some of the Revelation
Watson's Lifetide (Life's Origins)

Millennium Timeline
Find Out The Story Behind This Symbol
The Natural World
The Organic - Synthetic Battle
The Mushroom Goddess & Ganja
Marijuana Prohibition
Medical Marijuana
Dreams and Morphogenesis
Options for Improvement
Psychic Mapping
Hatha Yoga - Bodyawn
The Gaian Mind
Astrology & Kabala
New Rhythms
Gibran's "The Prophet"
Reasons to Explore
Seattle's Speech
Seattle Bibliography
Structure of the Universe
The Big Bang
Pivotal Concepts

This is a bibliography for the site; links go to excerpts

Lyall Watson's "LIFETIDE" (The Origin of Life)
Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet"
The Doors of Perception, and Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley, 1954
A World Lit Only by Fire---William Manchester--(Borgias)
The Emporor Wears no Clothes--Jack Herer(Hemp)
The Day of Saint Anthony's Fire--John Fuller--(Ergotism)
Four Arguments for The Elimination of Television--Gerry Mander
Sexual Personae- A History of Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickenson--Camille Paglia Vamps & Tramps Camille nails political correctness and establishment Feminism.
Mantalk - Tough Talk From a Tender Woman, by Irma Kurtz Un-PC Gender Politics
Ulysses (Loom of the Moon)--James Joyce- Molly's reverie: Why the censors hate Ulysses
The Revelation of St. John
Ovid's Metamorphoses from 79 A.D.: A beautiful story: Orpheus in Hades, and a gory one: Battle of the Lapiths against the Centaurs
Grapefruit by Yoko Ono

Borndigital ( consists of hundreds of pages of art, history, book excerpts, and ranting, generated by One Person, between 1993 and 2000, with no specific plan; hence its bizarre layout. Pages link to one another in the Borndigital domain, in somewhat random patterns, but "Shortcuts" is an attempt to index the entire site. A friend has dubbed it a 'protoblog' - and that's close, but it's antiquity and chaotic structure make it much more than that... Enjoy!
Here is some information about citing these pages as a source.

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