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Latest Links - December, 2019
[This page hasn't been really active since 1995 or so... You are in a dusty back corner of vintage internet]

Political and News Links are Here

Links people have Submitted and Links I've Found
In no particular order
Online Environmental Studies Guide, with sections on career paths, top 10 jobs, and success tips
Emerging Green Careers for job growth, finding internships, career trends, etc.
PoPink - Amazing collection of stock art
FotoSearch - stock photos forever
Million Dollar Homepage - He Made A Million Dollars
Barron's Op-Ed: Impeach Bush Now
James Bursenos - Artist, Astrologer
Santa Claus the Mushroom Shaman
Dick Cheney, the Father of Lies, Devil Incarnate
A Faulkner Look at the Bush White House

Tom DeLay's Smirking Mugshot
Pat Buchanan Rips Dubya a New One
The Flippant Neocon Attitude About Disaster at Home
Colin Powell's Former Chief of Staff Skewers the Bush Davidians

ThinkProgress.Org - Succinct News
Marijuana Boosts Brain Cell Growth, and acts as an Anti-Depressant
The Long, Crooked Republican Path From Nixon to Dubya
Democracy In Peril
R. U. Sirius - The Internet Guide to Satellite Radio
Why We Hate Bush [Excellent Summary Concerning the Smart Aleck Twerp in the White House]
The Party Never Stops In New Orleans
Trickle-Down Disaster Relief
Advanced Yoga Practices
Little Lord Dubya is so Articulate!
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
John Bolton - Another Viper in the Nest of Democracy
fotolog.net - user's digital photo gallery
Watching America - What it Looks Like From the Rest of the World
Capitalizing on Death - Another Right-Wing Strategery
Occult Advances
Sign 69 - Jardin d'Flash - Astounding
Sumatra-Anaman Islands Quake Data
Dojo Music
Liberal Christians
Culture Court
- Reviews in Detail
QBSaul Hypertext - Writings of Paul A.Green
Rural Studio - Samuel Mockbee - Alternative Architect
Marijuana Decreases Soccer Violence
TTable - Bohm Dialogue [?!?]
Egyptian Arabic

Irregular Times
UFO Database
A Blizzard of Lies
The Life of Brian - an antidote to the Gibson's Gorefest
rathergood.com - 21st century flashmasters
Tom Giffin - Inspired and Inspiring Artist
Eldorado Yoga
Gravitational Lensing allows us to see galaxies 13 billion light years distant
nationmaster.com | Generate statistical maps and graphs of world nations
Dreamcraft - Group Dreamwork
Camille Paglia
The ESP Game / Help label web images
The Dying God - on the Magi and Mithraism
Jocelyne Wildenstein and Amanda Lepore [Plastic Surgery Fetishists]
Sean Alonzo [Occult fiction author]
WordSpy - More Emergent Language
Hashish & Honey Oil
The Economists [Flash Interactive]
TinyPinocchio - The World's Smallest Dog has his Own Website!
PseudoDictionary - Emergent Language
Climate change affecting wildlife
NetWatchCentral - Reviewed Links
Ayn Rand's Defense of Israel
Weirdlinks - Good Old Fashioned Web Lunacy
Burning Man - 9/11 Tribute
It's NOT About Israel
Saving Islam from bin Laden
Islamic Terror Today in the World [from '95, before they got busy]
The Fortean Times
Television Addiction
Talk Origins Archive (Evolution/Creation)
Islam in Algeria

Paglia on Israel
The Apostrophe Protection Society
Fark.Com - Links/Comments
Hatred Masquerading as Religion
Macro Marvels - Flower Photography
Muslim "Rebels" in the Phillippines
2012 - Dire Gnosis
UFO's And The Bible
blue honey - The Infinite Mushroom
It's Back! The Surrealist Compliment Generator
Chechen separatists (The Islamic faction) Wreaking Havoc in Russia
More Islamic Troublemaking in India
Destructive Cults & Freedom of Mind News
Radical Islam is at War With America
Is this the Islamic Agenda?
Night Photo of Earth (2400 x 1200) [Dazzling Detail]
Project X
3D Artists

Marijuana's Influence on the Advent of Computers

Aaron Board / Graphic Artist
The Terry Southern Website
The Forest of Rhetoric
Changing the Climate [The ones stopping the rain]
Pollution drying up rainfall
Alamantra [Band - Magick] GreaterThelema
Stuff That Made Me Laugh [Utter Hilarity; saves space in your inbox]
Gallery "A" - Art from Russia
Metz Company Metalworks
BangSnap Graphics / Flash
World's Largest Roadside Attractions
David Rumsey Cartographic Collection
The Mystery of Protein Folding
Rules for (Shari'ah) Muslims to Live By
Relentlessly and Thoroughly - The only way to respond by Paul Johnson [Presented in defense of free speech]
Fun with Arabic
bin Laden & family when he was 15
Taliban articles from 1997
Artmetal: Metalworkers/Artists
The Crucible Art/Industry/Education/Community
Save Our Environment
Andy Foulds [Jawdroppin' Flash Master from a Distant Galaxy] Warp Interactive [Foulds' first project]
Perpetual Bubble Wrap
London Taxi Pretty good for a 10 year old - support small business...
Splutterfish Brazil 3D rendering system - astounding gallery
Nature At Large
The Northern Lights in Iceland
Weekend Gardener A Marijuana Grower's Information Node
What Happened to Hemp BC
The Nine Planets
Find out what makes Starbucks so EVIL!
Patti Smith Babelogue
Interrupted Transmission Graphics is astonishing
Paglia's Latest
Crystalink's Qabalah Page
Cruel Site of the Day
HolySmoke.org Debunks Everything
Photo Vault - Fluid Logic
Z�N Magazine
Dan Burkholder Photography
Crux Cybernetic [Leave your preconceptions at the door - great graphics]
Hero Machine Custom Build Characters
Taliban Destruction of 1500 year old stone Buddhas
Jesus has a Special Fondness for Boys
3D Images of The Orion Nebula [If you can do magic eye, you can do these]
Coping with Internet Porn Addiction
International Front Pages
Chicks Suck! [Controversial & Annoying, but Interesting]
Dress Up Jesus!
A Dedication To Spinoza's Insights [An epic, complex meditation on Baruch Spinoza]
405 The Movie
Generic Cheese and Macaroni Gallery
Spells on The Web [Great Flash]
Encyclopaedia of the Orient from Abadan to Zurvanism - Wow!
Earthship Houses
GlobeXplorer See your house from space
SUPERBAD Mixin' it UP! This site top's 'em all - Like walking on Marbles! [Changes Daily!]
EDGE Gallery
Strange But True Facts
The New Zealand Digital Library
WWW.KEO.ORG Send a message 50,000 years into the future (Good Flash)
Copyright Does Not Exist Looks Interesting
The Vaults of Erowid Documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives
Columbus Art - Links to Art and Music of All Kinds
Tongue Twisters From Around The World
Gnostic Friends Network
EARTH360 - [Like Reading A Dr. Bronner's Bottle!]
Bible Errancy
The Gospel of Thomas
Fonts in Cyberspace Great Source of Foreign Language Fonts
Golden Throats Celebrities Butcher the Classics
The Payback .COM A Revenge Service
America Offline Parody of AOL - Titan of the InterNOT
The Dialectizer Parody any webpage
Junie.com Sarcasm / Humor
Internet Anagram Server
Fractalus Fractal Galleries
Landover Baptist Church Unsaved Not Welcome!!!
Groovetech 24/7 Live DJS
The Electric Frog (A Witty Mystic) and HCU (...With a Grain of Salt)
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Lyrics to the Gil Scott Heron Ode)
National Geographic's Monterey Bay (Do the Kelp Forest Shockwave)
The Flat Earth Society
Galactic Silhouettes Recent Hubble Photos Reveal dark matter in distant galaxy in the constellation Hydra
The Basement Shaman Meeting Herbal Needs
The Slug Site
Ryan Geiss' mp3 jukebox and reactive screen saver
SodaConstructor [Manipulate These Robots]
MONO*crafts [Amazing Shockwave]
ASI's Internet Reference Sources [Reference Links Forever]
AOL Watch - Why AOL is So Awful [For people who don't know any better]
The Trieste Joyce School A James Joyce Symposium
Carfree Cities Weaning ourselves of the Detroit nipple
Mike The Headless Chicken
Dance-With-Me Shockwave
Mullets Galore [if mullet hairdon'ts gross you out, this page will make you writhe]
Online Dictionaries
Radio Free Oz


Categories on This Page:

Brain Candy: All-around concept, graphics, wit, or humor.
Eye Candy: Sites especially interesting visually.
Proto-Modem Culture: The modern, avant garde, dis-corporated freak shows out there. House music, psychotic robots, aliens.
Politics: Links to varied points of view; news stories, commentators.
Reference Sources: Information, Data

Spirit: Spiritual, Mystical, or Magical sites.
Thinkers: Sites of individuals, creators, inventors.
Music: Bands, musicians, and webcast sources. More house music and DJ links are in Proto-Modem Culture.
Sundry Items/Humor: These links are difficult to classify, and interesting. Playful stuff.
Asiana: Colorful slices of the Japanese Internet
Links Pages: Collections of URLs
Games/Interactive/Movies: Internet Play

Brain Candy
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The Exploratorium - A Hands-on Science Museum and Links
Tectonic Robot Wars
Neal Cassady's Denver
The Darwin Fish Pages
Archie McPhee - Outfitters of Popular Culture
Weekly World News
Neon Nihilasium An Amazing, Mystical Labyrinth
The Ultimate Taxi 24 hr. live updates from Aspen, Colorado's Internet connected Taxi.
Truth Be Known - Reality Checks An entire cosmology and Great Links
The Glass Bead Game
The Internet Beatles Album
The Prostitute, the Comedian & Me from Camille Paglia and Tracy Quan.
Silicon Snake Oil - An unorthodox look at the net.
Hounen Matsuri, the Japanese Prosperity Festival - See The 2.5 Meter Phallus
Consult the I Ching.
Kooks Museum
The Darwin Awards Page
Approximately Infinite Universe (For Ono - Lennon Fans)
Blotter Acid Art Exhibit
Cyber Hemp--Ecolution Hemp Clothing - Hemp Links


Politics [Current political links are here]
Camille Paglia from 2000
AdBusters - Culture Jammers
Essie Garrett the Marathon Runner
Global Monetary [A glimpse into the future corporate/world government]
For Those Who Loathe the SUV Fad/Frenzy
The Human Bean - In Defense of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico
Tinky Winky has Great Credentials
Jerry Falwell thinks Tinky Winky is the Devil!

The '60s Culture Clash Underlies a New Crisis
Separation of Church and State Home Page
Dumb Laws in the USA
Friends of the Earth

How to Fight the Religious Right
Richard Scaife: Bucks Behind the Republican Witch Hunters
UTNE Reader
SAFE's Page has great censor-bait.
The "Why AOL Sucks" Page
Pat Buchanan's Skeleton Closet
McDonald's Hamburgers: The REAL Mad Cow Disease. (McD's-?!!)
This factsheet will make you even Madder!
Post Fundamentalist Press Deconstructs Christian Gibberish.
McSpotlight on the Tobacco Industry
Project Censored - News They Don't Want You To See
How Tobacco Companies Buy Influence
America: Not a Christian Nation
World Union of Deists
Camille Paglia's Salon Archives


This Week's Transits
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
The Rediscovered Marseille Tarot

Separate Reality: Solve the Riddles of Truth and Light
The Fourth Way Gurdjieff Ouspensky School
Elves in Indiana!
World Union of Deists
Guide to Don Juan's Nagualism & Esoteric Buddhism
Moon Oak

Luxor Press
Pequa Palace - Dolphin Man
Religious Tolerance An Encyclopedia of Religions
The Hidden Jesus (Book review)
Magical Blend Magazine
Spirituality & Inner Peace
AXIOM is a great source of Spiritual connections.
Mountain Man Graphics has a huge selection of excerpts from many powerful writings.
In Orbit around the Web: an e-zine that proves a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Crop Circle Central
Island Web - Psychedelic Culture
Starlighter Alternative Directory
Ken Kesey, The BUS Furthur, and the Merry Pranksters


Reference Pages
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Roadside America Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions
Moon Phase Calendar
Symbols An Encyclopedia of Symbols
How Stuff Works (Answers a million questions)
P�r-Erik Segolsson's Mythology Pages
The Search Beat - Amazing Data Resource
Mirriam-Webster Dictionary / Thesaurus
IMDB Internet Movie Database - the Ultimate Movie Index


Sundry Items/Humor
The Modified Librarian
ContraCultura El Webzine Freaky - Great Pics - en ESPA�OL - �No es dificil!
Gentlehints.com (Breaking touchy news)
Bulwer-Lytton: The Bad Writing Awards
Ha! A searchable humor database
The Canonical List of Wierd Band Names
Andre The Giant
The Mickey Rooney Experience
The Y Forum (Questions not usually asked)
The Theremin Home Page
Perpetual Motion Ministries
The Head Shop The theme is "Heads"
Graffiti Collection
(Found Graffiti Texts)
Grow Your Own Tobacco!
sf station San Francisco entertainment


My Boot; Movie Theater -Lots of Web Movies
Personality Type Selector [Myers-Briggs]
The Old Faithful Web Cam
Java Arcade
Austin Powers
Game of Life (Cellular / Evolutionary Automaton). Here's the Advanced Version

METASPY shows (and updates) search terms currently in use
Contacting the Congress
The World's Smallest Political Quiz
Bizarre Magazine Banned in Belgium (and 5 other countries)
There's a Robot in your Future


Eye Candy
Alex Gray - Symbol Master
Mel Strawn found art collage
3D Artist Gallery
Dale Chihuly - Blown Glass Delicacies

Gaud� Central A museum of the Barcelona Architect. Here's the hotlist; Sample Casa Mila.
National Gallery of Art -See some Thomas Moran
Optical Illusions
The Hermitage - Russia's World-Class Museum -current Exhibit
Mus�e du Louvre, Paris - Here's the Mona Lisa
Solar System Simulator (from NASA)
The Planetary Photo Journal - from NASA
Mars Images From NASA
Hubble Space Telescope Photo Gallery
This Map shows the current day/night progression.
CAGE - Gallery of many artists
The One and Only Mati Klarwein
The Internet Gallery - Have a Sample
DAIM - The German Graffiti Master- Have a Sample
The Robert Venosa Website - Home of Fantastic Realism
E.Z.Smith@play is a Lot of Fun
el Reflector has Really good Graffiti links.
putrid afterthought - Really Freaky...

Frida Kahlo
The Official H.R.Giger Homepage

Searchable Archives:
Time / Life Photo
Astronaut Photography
Western History Photographs


Proto-Modem Culture
Burning Man - is imminent...
Blueroom USA a consortium of new music
The Orb - Official Website
After Solipse - An Eclipse-Rave summer of '99
Hyperreal Music Resources
Slam City Jam [Skate Boarders]
Firetrap Uhhh?
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall (graffiti)
The Payphone Project is from another Area Code, Man
Spacetime Continuum / Jonah Sharp has Extended Sets
Housewares San Francisco
The Original Tattoo Guru: Lyle Tuttle
CLUBWEAR HOUSE Amsterdam House, Flyers, Links
The Church of the Subgenius
Shock Cinema [Bizarre, Hard-to-Find Film, Video & Reviews]
Survival Research Laboratories is relentlessly at the edge. Now there are Video Clips. Robot frenzy.
Oregon Anarchists Rise Up in Uncivil Disobedience
Zozobra The Burning Man of Santa Fe, New Mexico


Robert Anton Wilson - Author of the "Illuminatus"
Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti
Laurie Anderson
Jaron Lanier Virtual Reality
William S. Burroughs Files
foetus J. G. Thirlwell - Sound Artist: "Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel"
Famous Monsters of Filmland Forrest J Ackerman's site
Dreamland The Life and work of John Waters
Banger Will Steer you in the right direction. A.O. Spare & Genesis P. Orrige gateways; Live Events, Performance. Check out his Harry Crosby Page.
sorabji.com (Interesting, freaky stuff)
Cap'n Crunch - The Original Phone Phreak
[Crunch Home]
Yoko Ono
The Old Hippies Groovy Site
Check out Eero Aarnio and his Furniture.
Dr. Ozone
The Bacon/Shakespeare Connection


Hyperreal's Archive of DJ sets
Transient.com: Trance-Dance
Mixmag Update - London DJs
Tribal Streetwear
DMC Magazine
Quango Music
The Virgin Prunes
IUMA Magazine
Jah Rastafari
The GWAR Internet Slave Pit Extraterrestrials Twangle Your Brain (For BIG Browsers)
Ozric Tentacles
Rykoverse Rykodisc's Home--- A Musical Touchstone
Negativland - Check out the new CD: "DISPEPSI". It Rules!
New Music Express from the UK, the freshest sounds
Rob Zombie - ooh, spooky!


Asiana (Japanese Websites)
chimachima book-CG & fairy tale Home Page Is Dazzling! Here's a Sample Try the Forizumi
Hime's Links Great Artists!


Links Pages
Pagan Tea House Links
Baalaam's Ass
Avatar Search Occult Search Engine
Levity (Eclectic Links)
Here are many links about Mythology.
Ethical, Political and Legal Sites on the Web
Spiritual Links Athena to Yoga
Exploratorium Links




The Revolution

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Will Not Be Televised


The Visible Human Viewer Applet
Morse Code Converter
Jester Chess
Java Boutique's List-O-Games
Floating Nodes
Chernobyl Meltdown
Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
How To Keep an Idiot Busy
Physics Applets

Grijs UD99
PI The Movie
2600 Magazine - the Hacker Quarterly
Adept Coolsite Net Shockwave from Japan
Godzilla VS. Tomagotchi

The Rock Garden of Love
fabric8: fashion, culture, music

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