The Eye of a Potato

We call it an eye, but it's not really an eye. A glaring error doesn't really glare, and the tongue of a shoe isn't really a tongue, it only reminds us of a tongue. These are metaphors, names for things that aren't actually what the things are. Poetry is often metaphor, and Slang is metaphor, like 'really cool'- well it's not really cool, in the temperature sense of the word, but we like it. Maybe it's just neat... (but not necessarily tidy).

A metaphor is using a name for something that is not literally applicable, to convey an idiomatic subtext.

Dreams are often metaphors, too.

A Parable is also a metaphor. Using an imaginary story to illustrate deeper concepts, the parable teller imparts wisdom in ways that are easier to remember.

Our language consists entirely of metaphors, just try to find a word that doesn't describe something. The word 'Consciousness', for example, is a metaphor for something we try to describe, but it still doesn't quite explain it.

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