Thailand 2017 Later Phases

Here are photos, videos, and audio recordings I'm making in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017. Here are images of resorts, houses, and various wats including Doi Saket.

Here is the last batch of photos from the trip, starting with images of my yoga retreat in Pai, and notably including images of the garden statuary and ornament making factory

Both of these pages are loaded backwards - that is, what's at the bottom of the page is the earliest material, with newer things as you get to the top.

Wat Doi Suket

Video of the Hilltop Daibutsu

Resorts and Oddities in Chiang Mai

Details of Various Wats in Chiang Mai

Houses in Chiang Mai

Here is a short clip of the choir I've had the privilege of rehearsing with while I'm here in Chiang Mai

Here is the entire Thailand Playlist, with several half-minute short videos of various subjects that aren't on these pages, and not including the funeral and fireworks which is another playlist, here.


Thailand Media Page One

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