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August 15 Update - This is all I have time for right now:

from: Edward Duvick

Your article has many truths. Hits the nail on the head in most phases of family life. Lack of spirituality in a family still ranks # 1 in my opinion. Thanks

Most Assuredly! Post Moderns lack a working, unified system of edifying ritual. We are at a nexus, where we have to grow as a species, and incorporate what we have learned into spirituality and tradition at the personal, familial level. Currently, all of that has been replaced with marketing, advertising mythos, and shopping as a way of life.

from: Mindy

Subject: I Love Your Site!

Thank you for putting so many interesting things in one place for lazy web surfers like myself. I really don't know how you can stomach the e-mails you get. You must be very thick-skinned. Your replies are classic.

I was brought up in Christianity--unfortunately I was cursed with a logical and curious mind (as my mother has told me many times, and not in a good way) so I have many ' bizarre' beliefs (ie; there is no devil--we are totally to blame for our own crap and the crap we do to others, there is no hell--so all the people that are mean to us and don't believe like we want them to can't be cursed to that place, and God is Love, not some ill-tempered guy with a beard going around smiting people) that scare Christians away, have them praying for my soul or running to get an excorcist.

My mother is a devout Born Again Christian with the kind of fundamental views you point out on your wonderfully irreverant site. What a tension releaser for those of us weary of getting bonked over the head with the Bible by fanatical relatives and acquaintances!

I congratulate you in your endeavors.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks bunches for your support! It made me think of the T shirt that says:


from: SeaGirl

Hi i'm a ninth grader at a catholic high school in the bay area and right now in my english class, we are studying the book "Inherit the Wind." However, at the same time in my biology class we are studying evolution. I looked up information on the famous scopes monkey trial and found a link to your page. I read a little and with what the book says (drummond's view vs. Brady's) and with what my bio book says i'm left a little dazed and confused you could say. I'd like to hear your opinion on creation. look forward to hearing from you.

It's best explained by Lyall Watson. The fundamentalist inability to reconcile science with mythology has set the state of Kansas back 100 years, with the Kansas school board disallowing the teaching of evolution in science classes. Fundie insistence on "the literal truth" of their Bible is an outgrowth of their desperate faith/denial. If the Biblical creation is a myth, then so is the whole Bible! This astounding leap of illogic is possible only for people who have had their heads in the sand their whole lives. It takes at least a sliver of human intelligence to understand the concept of Metaphor.

from: Vegans

Subject: Ouch!

enjoyed reading your page "55 Hours to Live" - incredible the amount of research and development man has put into torture

have you visited the Medieval Dungeon at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf? fun and informative, there are many real torture relics on display, although the museum is more a kitschy wax museum type thing

still, everything is well documented, much like your page - I remember in the description of the Water Torture, it mentioned that this was a simple, inexpensive torture method that anyone could do with stuff at hand

they have a rack you can turn and the victim will scream, and iron mask you look thru and see yourself strapped in a chair, and the ending is great- an exhibit about the Chastity belt - a large window you approach, push a button, then a light shines on a medival woman (quite unattractive) - suddenly, a silouette of jagged meshed teeth are shown across the crotch, describing the belt, then a cold blast of air hits you in your own crotch!! it's hysterical, but very educational

Is Batman Gay?

San Francisco has it all, doesn't it? Between the Exploratorium, the Art Museums, the Torture Museum, and Golden Gate Park, what else does a person need?

from: Anonymous

This is the most creative, well-conceived, interesting, professionally executed web site I have had the pleasure to review.

Thank you for it.

from: Anonymous

Fantastic site! I'll definitely be back - by the way, the "opposing view" in the "Structure of the Universe" is not entirely correct either (of course, whoe really knows what that structure is?). Many physicists believe quarks are bundles of electromagnetic energy whirling around. If you were crammed into that small a space, and whirling around at 300,000 km/hr, you'd appear pretty damned solid too!! Thanks again.

from: Anonymous

you suck

from: Rell Petusky

This evening I visited a co-worker that used to smoke (JOE CAMEL). He was lucky because he was 49 years old and talked to me all the time about retiring in April this year.

He did not show up for work this past Monday morning ( Feburary 8,1999). Tuesday morning the supervisor sent two persons to check on him. They found him laying down with the TV on. He was lucky, he passed away from a heart attack. He beat the death that Joe Camel had in line for him.

He was opened up and and had severe lung cancer. My co-worker name is THOMAS L. HUMPHRIES. You can visit him tonight at Reese-Wynn-Winyard-McDemott funeral home, Niles,Ohio.

Subject: Confusion Reigns
from: William Gilmartin

My parents did not raise me to be any religion, they let me choose for myself. I have always been drawn to spirituality. When I was younger I was devoutly christian or tried to be. (christianity had a tendency to make me a bit paranoid and neurotic, looking at every little sin etc.)

I am older now and have been educated in physics and mathematics. Trying to go back to christianity, I find myself extremely disturbed by the inconsistencies in the Bible as well as other beliefs of many christian sects. I find Inconsistencies within the sermon on the mount. I also find disturbing John 10:34 Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, I said Ye are gods?"

I have heard that there are missing pieces of the new testament,(excluded by the churches founding fathers) that support concepts like reincarnation. I really want to know the truth. I can't ask christian friends because they will just say that "satan is trying to confuse you." I hope your links are good, I may have to learn ancient aramaic to try to find out the truth. Sorry this letter is so long. Thanks for your site.

Sinc, E.L.. Solberg

Trust your instincts. The mystery is there - Jesus was (probably) in touch with it - the thing not to trust is the corruption his thought has undergone in the last 2000 years. That corruption is "Christianity."

Subject: excellent
from: DomClaude

excellent work.....thank you

Subject: Thank You
from: Francisco Rodriguez

I certainly hope you receive this e-mail. I love your web site. Have you studied at all what Martin Marty has to say about fundamentalists?

I very frequently tell people that I am a "recovering fundamentalist." I follow by saying "that doesn't mean that I'm part of any 12 step program, just that I was raised in a very fundamentalist househould, and all of my early religious training was very fundamentalist in nature." I then proceed to explain why I no longer believe what I originally believed.

I found your comments "About Context" to be particularly helpful. I can use that as I teach my classes.

Thanks again for all the work you put into this page. Judging by your selected quotes, you and I have very similar tastes: Aldous Huxley, Homer J. Simpson, Frank Herbert.... Wonder what that says about anti-fundamentalists like us?

Have you read The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson? Have you read Beyond Fundamentalism by Dr. James Barr?

Frank Rodriquez
Coordinator of College Programs
University of Oklahoma
College of Liberal Studies
1700 Asp Avenue, Suite 226
Norman, OK 73072-6400

Subject: radical feminism
from: Stephanie Mclean

I just want to say, that despite what so many women who class themselves as feminist along the same lines as Camille Paglia have to say, radical feminists in the style of Dworkin & McKinnon DO NOT and NEVER HAVE scorned women who "express" themselves sexually or who become prostituted or involved in pornography. It isn't a matter of pity, either. For myself, it is a mixture of sorrow and concern, not only for the women who are abused and degraded in those industries but also for the rest of us who have to live in a world in which male sexuality is constructed from a very young age by the idea of woman as a malleable, all-accepting vessel. The biggest problem, in my opinion, with placing such a huge emphasis on advocating pornography and female "sexual expression" and "liberation" is that it reinforces the idea that that is what women are about (for) - sex.

But that is all women are for! And men too! We are just evolved pond scum, reproducing like coral! To pretend otherwise is "human-chauvinism."

(Our intelligence is supposed to keep us from destroying ourselves, but the jury is still out on that one. We stand a good chance of crowding ourselves out of existence, or at least to the point of mass die-offs - again like coral).

But Victorian prudishness about sex translated into feminist frigidity does not alter biology. We must face sex, incorporate it, and move through it. Women who are empowered sexually do not suffer from "poor me" feminism. They have moved to the "cause" side of sex, from the "effect" side of it.

These women, fully plugged-in to life, are the effective ones. The transition from Biblical Good Ole Boy supression of women hasn't been easy, and is by no means complete. But men won't listen or change unless their dicks are part of the equation, and that's a fact.

Subject: Damn!
from: Raul Fields

You exist! A kindred spirit!

Have just finished reading pages and pages of your site.

I am awed! I am humbled!

My own site, carefully crafted and nourished over several months, pales in comparison with yours.

Please, keep your site up forever....I've already moved it to the top of my Favorites list!


Paul Fields
St. Louis, MO

Aw, shucks! Thanks way much - Good On Ya!

Subject: fascinating pages of information
from: Jen Stone

I first stumbled upon your pages tonight while searching for information on the Borgias (I'm watching Ancient Mysteries on A&E). I must say, you've placed some amazing information in these pages, and I've enjoyed reading them. I would love to see your sources for your material, and research further on my own, if that's possible. Much of what you've written, I've seen in other sources, and I'd love to see correlation on more.

I also took time to scan through correspondence to you from your more, ah, *enthusiastic* readers... never fails, does it? I have yet to see a truly reasonable fundamentalist of that, or any, stripe.

I have no idea if you're pagan, Unitarian, agnostic, or atheist, but I heartily respect what you're trying to do. Excellent pages. Keep up the good work.


There's a bibliography on the Guide page. As for my belief system, I don't like pigeon-holing - so let's say it's a continuously evolving amalgam of numerous different systems - what Fundies disapprovingly call the "Smorgasbord" approach - but which is perfect for fin-de-siecle 20th century people.

Subject: In search of truth and faith
from: Brad Becker

Very interesting site-I believe in God but do have real trouble with the Bible as does any thinking person. I cringe at the thought of having to abandon my mind to obtain salvation. I have been investigating many site in search of the truth and found a few sites you may find interesting as well. refutes many so-called contradictions with explanations that are certainly complex and confusing to me but may have some validity if examined in depth-I don't care to try that myself right now but you might take a look and see what you think. Also of real interest is . A great site for haters of the NIV bible now in wide print. It perverts the KJV bible! This site you will love for it sets the Christian world on its head as to defining which bible is the truth.

In any case, your site is informative and I will read more of it as time permits. Your thoughts on the websites I mentioned are appreciated.

Regards, Brad

Subject: i love it
from: Jennifer

randl you are the shit i have surfed your site hours on end for almost 2 years. im glad you keep up with it too


Subject: Buchanan for 2000

this man is what this country needs. anytime someone doesnt fall into the pandering politically correct category, you sissys toss around words like "nazi", "bigot" "dictator" and "homophobe". you people really need to get a life

Got one, thanks, but Pat isn't part of it. You need to walk a few miles in some other people's shoes ... oink oink ...

Subject: Your web site
from: Peej

Only one word, my friend: Bravo!

Hugs, PJ.

from: Francis Rooker

I'm sure you have to scan through a lot of dumb e-mail from ignorant fucks who can't rationalize their own existance, so I'll make it short and sweet. People talk about god as if he is a male being, by this reasoning alone I don't see how women can honestly buy that trash. If god was male that means that women are definitely lesser than men. "God created MAN in his own likeness." Women are just an overdeveloped rib. Men and Woman are absolute equals, you cannot have one without the other. The only thing that seperates men from women are reproductive organs. By saying that god is male (which the bible clearly does several times)that is saying that god has the reproductive organs of a male. God's son is Jesus Christ who was born from the "Virgin Mary" I'm glad that the most predominant religon is based on the worship of a diety who has a dick so small he can impregnate a woman and she can still be considered a virgin!

Suppression of the female is a prime component of Judeo-Christianity-Islam, used as a way to keep nature's ethical-leveling tendency at bay. The female is the "shadow" of these lifestyles, where they project the evil they cannot face in themselves. This unethical supression of an entire gender creates the underlying denial/guilt that permeates our culture, and allows for the more apparent crimes of corporate/political/religious plundering.

from: Richard Bergen
Subject: I love it!
from: Annette Merz

What a terrific article! I used to be one of the brain-washed fundamentalists you speak of, and you are right about what drives them. (me of another day) Fear, mostly, of death, too. It is very comfortable to feel like your future is all mapped out by a sugar daddy in the sky. Sometimes in my low moments, I miss those days of carefree belief.

I was a child then, drinking milk like a child. But then I had a child, and it occured to me in the hospital as I held her for the first time that there was nothing she could ever do that could make me dislike or hate her.....and my mind went to god and what I believed about god, about how tenuous his love for me was, you know, if I didn't believe in a certain way it was permanent death and rejection.

I thought then if I could love my child forever, no matter what, and god is perfect.......then there cannot be a hell. It was a life altering moment, I can tell you! I have studied all the religions, and I love Buddhism the best. It is tough, a tough moral code to live by, tougher than my former beliefs. But I am happier, by far. I have taken responsibility for my spirituality.

Sorry to go on and on about me! I loved everything you wrote! It got me excited, and remembering some important times in my spiritual life! Thanks!!


Thank you!

from: Alan Paredes


Being from a Christian (Baptist) up-bringing, and recently turning to atheism; I gave your site a good browse. My wife (Catholic) and I often debate the bible, religion, socio-political issues, etc. She asked me a question I could not find the answer for: Where does the bible say that the serpent in the Garden of Eden is Satan or the devil? I turned to my dad, who is about a devout, red-necked, bible-thumping, gay-bashing, god-fearing, closed-minded right-wing believer as you'll ever meet. We checked it out, and the bible DOESN'T say the serpent is the devil. It says (paraphrasing) "And the serpent was the most clever of all god's creatures". There is *no* mention of Satan, Lucifer (pick the name of your choice) at all in reference to this. Later on it concludes (again, paraphrasing) that "as punishment, the serpent was cursed to crawl on its belly for the rest of its existence". Sounds an awful lot, to me, like a fable made up to satisfy a child's curiosity as to why a snake doesn't have legs!

Of course, he had an explanation for this. His rationale was that the serpent lied to Eve, and Satan is later referred to as the "Father of Lies"; so it is *inferred* that Satan was indeed the serpent. For my part, I still think the whole thing is one big fairy-tale.


Eric W. Uphouse

11 Mar 1999
Subject: Souls
from: Ed McKenzie

The soul is the essence of life, like the Egyptian "Ka". However I don't believe the soul is judged in the hereafter. There aren't good souls and bad souls, merely souls so there is no need for judging. Good and bad comes from the individual, whether it be through life's teachings, upbringing or lack of it, chemical imbalance or whatever. The idea of eternally punishing a soul doesn't appeal to me. The outcrop of this is that there is no heaven or hell. No place for the good, the bad or the in between to go. Therefore no Satan, which is another thing I have trouble with. God/Satan relationship is no different than the Zoroasterian idea of a god of good and one of evil.

So what happens to a soul when the body dies? I think its recycled. Perhaps like the Jains say all living things have this spirit of life and souls are in each creature. It may just go into the next being to enter the universe, I don't know. Maybe there is a heaven and it's a big recycle station. I'm just not sure about it all, but at least I'm willing to admit it.

You sound as if you have a good knowledge of religions. I was wondering if you know much about Mithras from the ancient Romans. It is said that Saul/Paul used some of Mithraism in his version of Christianity to make it appealing to the people he was attempting to convert. Mithras was born on December 25th the winter solstice for example. I was reading in a book of fiction, based on historical events the following:

"...Mithras's mother was a virgin, shepherds and wise men came to see her newborn child, and Mithras himself grew to become a healer and a teacher. He had twleve disciples, and on the eve of his death he gave them a final supper of bread and wine. he was buried in a rock tomb and rose again, ....." Do you know if this is true?

I also have an interest in knowing more about Nephilim and the Book of Enoch. If you get real bored sometime and decide to do a bit of emailing your answers to any of the above would be helpful. Thanks ED

Sat, 13 Mar 1999
Subject: reassuring
from: Maladaptos

I've come a long way from southern fried fundamentalists and gleaned my own brand of worship of GOD. I don't proselytize. My alms are in secret. But my mind is that I worship the way adam taught seth [no biblical account] as a priest after the order of melkizadek. I know there are only the two references of this priest king [patesi?] of salem. I searched your site very hard. I could not find anything. did I miss it somewhere? You solidify my perception of the world as I perceive it to have evolved. scientific fact being the true word of god. I will reference your data often with great reassurence and delight at not feeling so alone in my morass of belief


Sat, 13 Mar 99
from: Crystal "Lee" Anderson

I commend you. And I have to say I agree and am impressed with your analysis. It's refreshing to see such truths brought out into the open. Thank you! It's rare where I come from to see any kind of original thought and it's good to know somebody out there is doing it!

Mon, 15 Mar 1999
Subject: in praise of your site
from: ronin hello,

i just wanted to congratulate you on a extremely well-written site. the thing is, i am sure the calm manner in which you present your arguments only serves to infuriate your enemies all the more. have you ever read anything by robert anton wilson? or any of the discordian church's texts? i think you would enjoy them. keep up the good work--i hope your site can encourage healthy debate about the bible, which is the only way we can all learn and benefit from it.

r. wolf

Thank You very much! Yes, the web makes it possible to clarify ideas to an amazing degree, with precision, and calm. And yes, Robert Anton Wilson is INCREDIBLE!

Tue, 16 Mar 1999
Subject: Corporate connections
from: John Weeks

Hi, I just cruised your site and appreciate the variety and iconoclastic nature of your pages. I was curious about the corporate link of Starbucks Coffee to the tobacco industry. Do you have any further details?

Thanks for your time.

John Weeks MD

Just that R. J. Reynolds acquired Starbucks this spring - what better leash to join with cigarettes, than Starbucks burnt-flavored "coffee?" (They buy green, cheap beans, and burn them to make them taste ripe. I know someone on the inside...) Unfortunately, fashion-victims can't resist being seen sipping from that cup with the sexy label. It still works in the sticks, I guess...

Wed, 17 Mar 1999
Subject: Greet
from: Steve Metter

Interesting website - as a recovering Catholic, I can appreciate much of what you have to say - personally, I think we'd all be a lot better off if we left each other alone on the subject of God, period. On a fairly mundane note, it makes it *really* tough to read when you use purple letters on a black background. I think the problem is low contrast. Pet peeve.

I second that emotion... It really is a personal thing. The sacred should be kept apart, and pure - greasy televangelists with flashing 800 numbers have certainly ruined one religion I know of, the only religion crass enough to resort to TV... and thanks for the text tip - I've tried to change all of those dark pages to be more readable, and I always appreciate "ergonomic" feedback.

Wed, 17 Mar 1999
from: SheShark

Wow, thank you for creating a site that tells the true, disgusting nature of christianity.


from: Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for opening my mind to all this information. I have enjoyed reading your web page. It really hits close to home with me, being a gay man and all. I stopped going to church years ago and it really hurt me. I love GOD and I beleive that there is a heaven. I feel now that you have kinda given me a light at the end of my dark tunnel. I know GOD loves me and that all the hurtful words that my great asshole of a pastor threw at me won't keep from those wonderful pearly gates.....Thank You

People who call themselves "Christians" and who hate people who aren't "missionary-position-breeders" embarass themselves more than their myopia will ever let them know. The primary fact is this: Sexuality is not chosen. By the time we reach puberty, before we know what hits us, it's all been decided, and it's beyond our control. If you don't happen to be "normal," you have a lot of adjusting to do, and bird-brained Bible thumpers don't make it any easier. True spirituality and fundamentalism are as different as oil and water - don't be fooled by shoddy goods - follow your bliss.

Wed, 24 Mar 1999
from: PDKubrick

This site demonstrates perfectly why I don't believe in organized religion. I used to be a Christian fundamentalist, then I grew up.


Fri, 26 Mar 1999
Subject: Nice place you got here.
from: MacHume

Hey, there. Love the site, agree with a good 80% of it, especially the E-Mail from your readers, mostly because you didn't include just the drooling morons and easy targets.

I myself was born into a family of Irish Catholic atheists (you can imagine the psychoanalysis bills), but consider myself more of a freelance believer. I'm solid behind you on your antiestablishment take on religion. I always say religion is the single greatest barrier between Man and God.

Oddly enough, I AM a creationist, although I date the moment of creation a few billion years before the Bible does. I call it the Single and Persistent Miracle. Scientists call it the Big Bang. The realm of science could do with a few more poets, I think.

A lot of fundamentalists claim the Bible to be the literal word of God. Although I don't personally believe in this, I have no problem with it in theory. If you except the idea of a being powerful enough to create the entire universe, it is not beyond the pale to suggest that he has guided thousands of writers through thousands of years to end up with texts which reflect his will as perfectly as possible. The literal word of God? Sure, why not. I just have one question. Why do you trust what God says?

God says Do Not Kill (Okay, he also says kill, and he says that far more often than he says not to, but bear with me here) God says not to kill. If you kill, you go to hell. Now, somebody makes you really angry. You would love nothing more than to put a bullet in this guy. But you don't. Have you done the moral thing? It depends. If you act rightly because you believe that murder is wrong, then you are moral. But if you act rightly because you fear retribution, than you might as well have killed the guy. You are not moral, you are simply a coward.

Conversely, if God tells you to do evil, and you do it, then you are evil. This harkens back to the story of Isaac and Abraham. This fable was always presented to me as a test of faith, to see if Abraham loved God more than his son, and was willing to murder his son to please God. I read it differently. This was a test to see if Abraham loved his son more than he loved his own soul. It was a test, alright, but Abe blew it big time. The moral act would have been to refuse God, come what may. He should have said, "Do what you want to me, but I will not raise my hand against my own child."

What I'm saying is, God doesn't lay it all out on the table for us. He tells us contradictory thing, because he is testing us to see if we will do what is right, or what we think God wants us to do.

At least, that's my answer to the Literal Bible Fallacy. I don't beleive it myself. I'm more of a Deist. But I still think I have a lovely little theory there.

I did have one problem with something you said. At one point, you compare Randall Terry with Saddam Hussein. Now, I'm not an expert on mid-east politics, but I beleive Hussein has the decency not to hide behind God when confronted with his evil. Give the man his due. He's an honest psychopath.

Incidentally, I think the two most important texts on theology were published this century. They are both fiction (truth is never more evident than in art) and both are quite humorous (the same goes double for humour) Both are science fiction/fantasy (not necessarily more truthful than any other art form, but generally a good deal more fun.)

The first is Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

The second is Towing Jehovah, by James Morrow.

Both are currently in print, and are available at bookstores AND Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, thanks for reading my prattling (assuming you read this far, other wise screw you.)

Keep the faith,

Mac Hume

P.S. Do you know any sites like this attacking other religions, especially Buddhism? I like to have ammunition to take on all missionaries, no matter what church they come from.

P.P.S. "GOD LOVES YOU. (even if you'll roast your ass off in HELL)" Can't argue with logic like that, can you?

I don't know any anti-Buddhist pages, nor do I know of any Buddhist missionaries - people don't seem to need to be coerced, cajoled, and hard-sold into Buddhism or Judaism, like they do with Christianity.
Your comments about Hussein remind me of a joke about Will Perkins, the Colorado Springs Christian Ayatollah who heads "Colorado for Family Values:"

Q.: What's the difference between Will Perkins and God?
A.: God doesn't think he's Will Perkins.

Sun, 28 Mar 1999
Subject: Help!
from: Michael & John

There is so much information in your pages, it's incredible!

Do you have any suggestions for an X-christian to "arm" himself for any possible "battle" that he may have while he visits his old hometown where most of his friends are "christians" and he's not...anymore?


Well, I don't know - have lots of other things to talk about, a good sense of humor, and don't stay long. You can't convert them; their minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set.

Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Subject: Just an ordinary person - me!
from: Sarah Plowman


I don't really know who you are but I'm from Australia and I've studied Physics at University level and I'm not a fundamentalist christian, but I'm a christian.

I have no doubt in the existence of a higher, controlling power in our universe. The mathematics of the universe is so simple and balanced that the fact that it exists at all astounds me. It's the fact that there is no mathematical expression for the time at or before the "big bang" that reinforces my belief in a creative power. I call it "God". I don't need the Bible to tell me that.

I like the idea that there's something or someone who has existed before "time" began and will exist when our part in the history of the universe is done. I believe a part of each human life is eternal too. My belief in God gives me meaning and hope.

The Bible is not factual in all parts, and there's stacks missing, and it does contradict itself in heaps of places. But it teaches me how to love, how to not live angry, and how to live in peace. I'm not going to cause divisiveness by living a christian life, and I despise people who do. Jesus Christ is the single most influential person in history and his teachings about forgiveness and love have given me reason to live.

If you've been hurt by some fundamentalist nonsense about hate, on behalf of all christians, I'm sorry. I don't get it either. But there is something in this God stuff that makes sense. I encourage you to look for it.

Love from Sarah P.

Thank you! Yes, the dazzling complexity, balance and order in the infinite universe is humbling, and suggests an "implicate order" beyond our ability to conceive of. All of our attempts at religion are fumbling efforts to make sense of it all, to make it less mysterious. We are part of it, but cannot see it, like fish in the sea, who can't imagine what it looks like from above. Our religions are comforting myth and poetry, ways to listen to the clockwork behind it all, and perhaps get a taste of what "IT" is. Fundamentalist social-engineers of any religion make a mockery of spirituality, and give themselves a bad reputation. Thanks again for your kind letter.

Mon, 05 Apr 1999
from:Les Stoneham

I read your page about the bible contridictions and the lack of proof that it is truth. First of all, you are really streching to find valid contridictions. And when saying that to read the bible with an open mind is to "shut of you mind", thats not at all true.

All through school we are taught to evaluate books and writings by only what we see on the surface and we are never realy asked to look into the message and the purpose of the writing. It takes more use of your mind to really take in what the writers are telling you instead just looking at it from the same level as you would look at any other book.

About the proof thing i suggest reading "More then a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell. I'll even send you a copy if you want it. It basically explains how the bible's truth is proven, not by faith but by the three tests used in the legal systems of today: the bibliographical test, internal evidence test, and external evidence test. I understand that you are a very smart well educated man, and being a christian doesn't mean you have to give that up at all. I also understand that you probably are always getting emails like this and I know this one isn't going to give you some drastic revelation, but I do know that I was in your shoes once, until God finally showed me the truth, and someday I know he will show you too.


Les Stoneham

One must always read between the lines, with any text. The Bible is Metaphor, and with this in mind, much good can be gleaned from it. The purpose of the page is to show the futility of dogma - this does not disallow peaceful Christianity, only dogmatic fundamentalist zombies.

from: Alan Paredes

This web page could easily be turned into a book. You should consider writing one. If you don't write one, I just might steal your idea.

good luck

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