Shiva Nataraj - Lord of the Dance - Enter Some wIeRd Bardos

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Shiva Nataraj, King of Dancers, symbolizes the alchemy of Yoga. Nataraja's dance activates dormant vital energy (kundalini shakti) and becomes an act of both creation, symbolized by the upper right hand holding a drum, and destruction, represented by the flame held by the upper left hand. The lower right hand is in the abhaya mudra position, bestowing peace and protection. The second left hand points downward to the uplifted left foot, signifying release. The right foot, planted on the prostrate body of Apasmara Purusha, the demon of forgetfulness, symbolizes human ignorance of our divine nature. A ring of flames and light arises from and surrounds the dancer, representing the purifying power of the dance. Nataraja's face, meanwhile, remains calm, quietly witnessing the tremendous display of his own energy with just the hint of a smile.